Tuesday-Friday 8am – 3pm 

Saturday 8am – 2pm



Tuesday-Friday 8am-3pm


Saturdays 8am – 2pm 




Biscuits and Gravy

Served with roasted red potatoes

Our scratch made buttermilk biscuit, split, toasted then smothered in our homemade sausage gravy.


Add egg* 2.00

Avocado Toast

Served with roasted red potatoes

Avocado smashed on toasted honey wheat sourdough.  Salt, fresh cracked pepper, sliced tomato, fresh basil, and smoked mozzarella with EVO drizzle.


Add egg* 2.00

Breakfast Sandwich

Served with roasted red potatoes

Choose from our butter croissant or brioche’ roll. Toasted, buttered then topped with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese.


Add applewood smoke bacon (2) slices  4.00

Black Forest ham or sausage patties

Veggie Egg Sandwich

Served with roasted reds,

Eggs, smoked mozzarella, sliced avocado, cucumber slices and thin red onions. On a croissant or brioche.


Two Eggs Roasted Red Potatoes and Butter Croissant

Two eggs, cooked to order, roasted red potatoes and a butter croissant


Add Bacon (2 strips) 4.00

Add ham or sausage patty 3.00


Chef’s Choice


Add roasted red 2.75

Add Garden Salad 2.75

Add cup of soup 2.75


1 egg* 3.00

Add Butter or Jam .50

Applewood Bacon (2) slices 4.00

Black Forest Ham 3.00

Pork sausage patty 3.00

Roasted Red Potatoes 3.00


All sandwiches served with chips, pickle spear and petite treat.

Turkey Sandwich

Oven roasted turkey, cream cheese, house made cranberry sauce, lite mayo, lettuce, tomato on choice of honey wheat sourdough, brioche bun or butter croissant.



Thick applewood bacon, crisp lettuce, tomato, avocado and lite mayo on choice of honey wheat sourdough, brioche bun or butter croissant.


Turkey BLTA

Oven roasted turkey breast, thick applewood bacon, lite mayo, tomato, avocado on choice of honey wheat sourdough, brioche bun or butter croissant.


Forever’s Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich*

Fresh chicken marinated with fresh tarragon, garlic, lemon juice and white wine. Then oven roasted to juicy perfection. Seasoned lightly then mixed green onions, celery, red grapes and glazed pecans, lettuce, tomato on our butter croissant.


Roast Beef

Tender, medium rare roast beef, horseradish mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, thin sliced red onion, cucumbers on our honey wheat sourdough.


Tuna Sandwich

Albacore tuna salad made with green onions, celery, pickles. Mixed with seasoned mayo, then topped with cheddar, tomato, and lettuce. Served on choice of honey wheat sourdough, brioche bun or butter croissant.


Ham and Swiss

Black forest ham, swiss cheese, Dijon mustard with a touch of honey, sliced house pickles and red onion, lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun or honey wheat sourdough.



Smoked mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, spicy house pickled cucumbers and red onion, avocado, mayo, red pepper hummus on honey cracked wheat sourdough.


Forever’s Club

Turkey, ham, bacon, avocado, tomato, cheddar, swiss, and lettuce served on croissant or brioche


Forever’s Beef Dip

Medium rare roast beef, soaked in au jus. served on grilled house ciabatta and Swiss Cheese


Tuna Melt

Premium albacore tuna and Tillamook cheddar cheese between grilled honey wheat sourdough. 

Served with chips and a pickle


Forever’s Tuna Melt

Premium albacore tuna salad with Mama Lil’s pickled peppers, Tillamook cheddar on grilled honey wheat sourdough. 


Forever’s Italian

Salami, ham, turkey, pesto, romesco, smoked mozzerella, olive tapenade and sweet spicy peppers on house ciabatta. Served Hot. 


All sandwiches served with pickle and chips.

Soup of the Day, Chef’s choice

Bowl 16 oz. 8.75

8 oz. cup 6.25


Side Salads

Garden salad w/dressing and house bread 5.25

Side scoop of Pasta salad 3.50

Side scoop of Potato Salad 3.50


Entrée Salads

Add all salads served with house bread.

Add Tarragon Chicken Breast 2.25

Caesar Salad*

Fresh crisp romaine lettuce tossed with house made croutons, house made Lemon Caesar dressing and parmesan Reggiano.



Fresh Berry Spinach Salad

Baby spinach, sweet berries, applewood bacon, thin sliced red onion, sliced almonds, goat cheese and avocado served with house made balsamic and red wine vinaigrette.



Forever’s Cobb Salad

Fresh mixed greens, avocado, Applewood bacon, chopped tomato, blue cheese, hard boiled egg. Served with house made balsamic or our ranch dressing and focaccia


Kids Lunch

Half PB&J sandwich or half cheddar cheese with ham or turkey on honey wheat sourdough. Served with fresh fruit cup, pickle, and chips.




   Local Coffee Roaster and in near future, espresso, lattes

Fresh, Brewed Daily, Iced Tea 20 oz 2.75

Mineral water 3.00

10 oz orange juice or apple juice 3.75

Fresh squeezed lemonade 3.50 add fresh strawberry puree’ .50

Hot Chocolate 3.25

Hot Tea (English Breakfast, Lemon Ginger, or Green Tea) 2.75

Coke (Coke, Diet Coke, 7up) 2.50

Daily Morning Treats, Pricing Varies

Varies by day, but always no less than a variety of fifteen fresh baked items.

Butter Croissant, Almond Croissant, Chocolate Croissant, Ham and Swiss Croissant, Smoked Mozzarella Croissant, Scones, (seasonal, sweet and savory) Biscuits, (seasonal, sweet and savory) Assorted Danish and Coffee Cakes slices, Cookies (choc chip, peanut butter hazelnut toffee and brown butter, frosted sugar cookie, molasse’s crinkle(GF) Fruit Galette’s (seasonal fruits) Praline Pecan Banana Bread, Zucchini Bread, varied sweet breads, Morning Buns, fresh baked bread loaves (varied, challah, ciabatta, focaccia, brioche, baguettes) Sticky Buns, Cinnamon Rolls and so much more!

Bakery Case

Pies (Varied) Tarts (Varied) Quiches, (Chef’s choice) Cheesecakes (Varies) Cakes (Varies) Fruit Crisps (seasonal fruits) Cobblers (seasonal fruits), Lemon Bars, Pecan Bars, Espresso Brownies, Brownies, Coconut Macaroons, French Macaroons.
Changes weekly!

Box Lunch

Sandwich Box Lunch
Choice of any sandwich, potato or pasta salad, our big house cookie and bottled water or soda. 17.75
Roast beef or pressed mamma add 2.00
Salad box lunch, (big house cookie or bar, focaccia bread or chips, soda or bottled water.

Salad Box Lunch
Choice of salad, big house cookie, choice of chips or focaccia bread, soda or bottled water. 14.75.
Add Forever’s tarragon chicken breast 2.25

  • Party Platters available.
  • Gourmet cookie and bar platters.
  • Sandwich and deli platters.

We are available for caterings!  We can customize most any menu!

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of foodborne illness.